This is the area where we will be compiling Glen and Glen Peloso Interiors recent, current, and upcoming appearances. These appearances could be live, at trade shows, in print, on talk radio, and/or on TV (live and pre-taped).

Glen will be appearing at the 2012 Fall Home Show in Toronto sponsored  by York Fabrica

Friday, Sept. 21,  3 pm-4pm
Saturday, Sept. 22, 3 pm -4pm


Missed me on Marilyn Denis?  Check it out here or here, or here!

I’m proud to be returning to the National Home Show from March 16-25th!  I’m presenting onstage on March 17th at 3pm, March 18th at noon, and March 24th at 2:00!  Bring your design questions, I’ll have a Q&A at the HOMES Publishing booth after each show!

I’ll be at the International Home and Garden Show Sunday April 15th at 12:30 and 4pm on their main stage!

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36 Responses to Appearances

  1. Glen says:

    Hello Denise, and thank you for your kind words!
    My advice would be to leave the ceiling alone, and choose a warm grey for the walls that works with the darker maple coloured strands to pull the two colours together. You could also select a gold if you’re feeling adventurous, but it’s a very difficult colour to successfully match, so grey is a safer choice.

    Thanks for writing!

  2. denise padovani says:

    Mr. Peloso, I love the simplicity and elegance of your style. Every time I watch a “restaurant make-over” show featuring your expertise I say to myself: “I wish I could
    “hire” Mr. Peloso to “redisgn” my “L” shaped dining room/living room (home built in mid ’60′s). I trust you would make “things” work! I’m in the process of painting this dining room/living room area: what is the present trend in terms of colours?
    What would work with a ceiling covered in maple hardwood?
    Should I paint the hardwood white? Thanking you in advance.

  3. Glen says:

    Thank you, Ingrid! I love to hear from fans that love my work! It’s so much nicer than the letters I get correcting the spelling and grammar in my newspaper articles! :P
    To apologize for the late reply, email your address to and I’ll send you an autograph!

    Thanks for watching!

  4. ingrid says:

    Hi Glen! i would just like to let you know i am a big fan! =) i always watch take this house and sell it but i only do get excited when you’re the one designing. I absolutely adore your design style. Someday when i have my own house and the would be a dream come true if i could afford to make you design my house! God speed! <3

  5. Tyya says:

    That’s 2 clever by half and 2×2 clever 4 me. Tahksn!

  6. Sue Davies says:

    Thanks, Glen. Sounds like some very practical advise. I’m looking forward to the adventure!

  7. Glen says:

    Hello Sue! I’m sorry that I haven’t replied before now – I’m going to have a word with my “people” who are supposed to be helping me look after this site!
    The great part about decorating a whole home is that it doesn’t all have to be done the first day. Take your time, and start with the stuff the builder is putting in: tiles, fixtures, carpets, cabinets and paint. For the floors, I’d recommend neutrals – unless you like ripping out your broadloom/tile/wood every time a new trend comes along! You can be a little more bold with your paint selections – they’re easier to replace if you change your mind – but maybe limit the really bold choices to the accent wall.
    For the fixtures, every room should match itself, but not all the rooms have to match. For instance, all the lights in the kitchen should be the same, but you needn’t put identical lights in every bathroom. The finish on the hardware on the kitchen cabinets should all be the same – no crossing brass and brushed nickel! But if you want to have the powder room in bronze and the ensuite in silver, there’s no stopping you!
    Furnish the busiest rooms first, and spend the most money where you will spend the most time. There’s no point in having a beautiful oak dining table if the family eats in front of the TV in the den.
    And one more thing – budget. It’s easy to go overboard in buying everything right now, but you can hold yourself in check if you make a decision regarding how much you’re going to spend, then stick to it by using this simple trick. Write down everything you want to do (or use a spreadsheet – it makes corrections easier!) and how much it will cost. Organize the list in order of preference: the absolute must-haves at the top. If it helps, try comparing each item on the list to the one next in line, and decide which one you prefer. Then, when it’s all in order, just start adding up the cost from the top of the list down, and when you reach your budget, stop spending! You didn’t really want the stuff that’s lower on the list, or it would be higher. If it SHOULD be higher on the list, bump something else.

    And of course, a professional designer can help tremendously with practical advice, a seasoned eye, and a team of people who want nothing more that to make your new home beautiful and hassle-free!

    Thank you!

  8. Glen says:

    Thank you so much, Deb for your kind words! By all means, send us your photos! Email them to and we’ll see what we can do for you!

  9. Deborah says:

    Hi Glen
    Like so many before me, I truly love your shows and try to follow your advise. I’m having great difficulty chosing a color for my gully kitchen that extends to my dinning room along with a couple other obsticles. Could I send you pictures that would allow you to help me?
    Any of your great advise would be apporiciated.

    Thank you

  10. Sue Davies says:

    Glad to see you will be writing a regular column in the Star. I’ve always enjoyed your work.
    Any advise on how to decorate an entire home? We are doing a custom build next year and I think I’m going to get overwhelmed when I have to start choosing EVERYTHING! For all the home shows I’ve seen, I’ve never seen one that helps you decorate a brand new house. Thank you!

  11. i think that everyone would love to watch some comedy shows because it is very entertaining -.’

  12. Glen says:

    Thank you for your kind words! Good news! We can be friends because you don’t have to hate me – I had to give up sewing when my clients complained that I had left bloodstains all over their upholstery because I kept stabbing myself with the needles! While I technically know how to sew, I have not yet figured out how to preserve the skin of my fingertips while doing it. I have the utmost respect for people who can successfully wield a needle and thread without causing themselves bodily injury!

  13. Sabrina says:

    Do you know how to sew yourself?……I hate designers that can sew. I wish I can sew but I seriously am very bad at it.

    Just wondering if you actually had to get your hands in on projects like sewing and whether you actually like doing it….

    I love your stuff BTW……its fantastic, clean crisp colors with modern and organic vibes combined are fabulous!!

    Huge fan!

  14. Glen says:

    Hi Jack,
    That sofa was already in the collection of that particular client. We designed the remainder of the space to include the piece, which often happens! Most people have a piece of furniture, a painting, some element from their existing decor that really works for them and they want to keep it – and we work with that desire to help create a space that works for our clients.

    I tried to track down where that particular piece came from but was unsuccessful – I wish I had more information for you!

  15. JACK KARVAT says:

    would you be able to tell me where you purchased the sofa that is displayed on the Waterfront Condo project ? This is much appreciated

  16. Glen says:

    Thank you for your kind words! The pillows you’re talking about were custom fabricated from a material obtained from Designer Fabric Outlet (1360 Queen Street West, Toronto) down inserts from Eversoft (173 Bartley drive, North York) and sewn by Perfect Touch Interiors (905-497-6363).

    If you’d like something similar crafted for your space, please feel free to call Greg in our office – 647-722-4296!

  17. ANH TUYET CHAU says:

    Dear Glen,
    I’m always amazed with your works. On your web page and some magazine (Condo Guide, Home and Decor). There is a beautiful beige sofa with “square” c armrests and 2 accent pillows yellow and brown stripes. Please tell me where i can get them. Thanks so much

  18. Ac says:

    Hi Glen
    I watch you r show all the time, you very funny handsome and the i mentioned hot,
    I wonder if i can send you some photos of my house and you can give me some ideas
    by the way have you ever been in Ottawa Ontario??

  19. Glen says:

    Hey Kathy
    Well that is a blast from the past – I think I was 4 when we moved away from being next door to you! – thanks so much for your support and for sure you can say you remembered me when (I was 4) I’m not sure I remember much from when I was four except that we had a forest green painted basement floor that I’m sure I hit my head on at least twice! -
    Hope you are well and happy also!

  20. Kathy McCord says:

    Well … Glen… who would a thunk it… from quiet Pleasant Rd. to TV Fame.. I am proud of you, you do amazing work my friend.. Can I say I remenber you when??? Glad things have done so well for you.. Hugs Glen keep up the amazing work.

  21. Glen says:

    Thanks for your comment, GD! You mean do I ever get mistaken for GLENN DIXON, who by remarkable coincidence has your very same initials?

    There was one time a woman came to the front door and visibly deflated when she saw me… she immediately blurted out that she wanted “the other Glenn”… AWKWARD! Most times, however, the clients breathe a sigh of relief when they realize they got the “good” Glen! :P (teasing)

    Thank you GD, whose initials I’m *sure* are nothing but a random FLUKE, for your comment!

  22. GD says:

    Hey there,
    do you ever get confused with the other Glenn on Take this house?

    Impossible I guess, considering he has movie star good looks!!

  23. Lynda says:

    well that can only mean one thing….you need to come back to Lloyd.. :)

  24. Glen says:

    It was my pleasure, and though that sounds like a cliché, it’s because it’s so true! I’m amazed by the enthusiastic outpouring of support I’ve received from the fans in Lloydminster (just look above, all from one show!) and I could not be more pleased to have been a part of it! Thank you all!

  25. Barb Rowe says:

    It was great to hear you speak at the Lloydminster Woman’s Show and then to be able to personally meet you and get your advice on our home renovations. Loved your practical, workable yet classy ideas for renovating without breaking the budget.

    Thank you for your part in making the show such a huge success.

  26. Melissa says:

    I too wanted to say thank you so much for your presentation here in Lloydminster, it was truly a wonderful experince and the chance to meet you and talk with you was out of this world. Your ideas are a great insperation to many people.
    I look forward to watching more of your work on TV and really hope that You will come back to Lloyd again.
    Thanks agian Glen your simply the best!

  27. Glen says:

    Thank you for your kind words! I’m grateful for all the fans who watch the shows, and humbled that you would take the time to not only come and see me live, but also leave comments here! I really appreciate it, and can’t thank you enough!

  28. Lynda says:

    My daughter and myself quite enjoyed your presentation at the womens show here in Lloydminster yesterday…we can already see that you are an extremely talented designer through the shows we watch..but you also come across as a kind and caring person with a sense of humour..and when we met you yesterday we were not disappointed..hope you come back to Lloydminster one’ve inspired us..thanks..

  29. Elaine Schreiner says:

    Saw you at the womens show in Lloydminster and was very glad that I got to see and hear you as I found your talk to be most informative. I really liked the advice on buying quality base products and then decorating in the trendy colours with the use of towels, candles, etc. Makes so much sense. As I am a senior and have witnessed the throw away society, I am appalled at their easy come, easy go attitude towards throwing perfectly good things in the garbage. I believe that it is okay to change what you have but don’t throw it in the garbage but rather donate it to the goodwill stores. I buy recycled items and am proud of it.

  30. Patricia says:

    Just watched the Tudor “palace” episode and almost peed my pants when you commented on the “bad meringue” walls and the “suffering sarcophagus” Even the kids were laughing. Take This House and Sell It is our family comedy show. You are a talented designer; witty and entertaining! We are wowed when the house is finished. Superb!

  31. Cornelia says:

    Glen, Thanks for last evening! We really enjoyed your presentation at the Erin Mills Paint Center last night. Lots of fun with great , useful information, pictures and LOVED your humor :) And also, thanks for your patience in answering all our questions . I know it got to be very late but i’ll be heading over there shortly to ck out your colour recommendations!

  32. Glen you are am amazing presenter! Thanks for the great talk you gave us in Lethbridge Ab. Wished it was longer and I loved your witty sense of humor .

    thanks again

  33. Glen says:

    Ummmm….. let’s see… well, there’s – no, no, he’s dead… ummmm well there’s that other. wait, no… he got busted for trafficking hot Egyptian cotton sheets…well….. I guess, by default, it would have to be Terry Edward Briceland – there’s no one left! :P

  34. teb says:

    Who is your favourite Sewing Guy??

  35. Glen says:

    Dont watch tons of television -
    Currently I like Dexter, true blood, Heroes – but also The Hour (sometimes) and 60 minutes, the Olympics
    But usually if i watch television it will be films –
    Prison break was great until the show moved them out of the prison – then the format was strange –


  36. What other tv shows do you enjoy ? I was a big fan of prison break , to bad it’s over now :(

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